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Michael May
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Objectives of the LA-MS Christmas Tree Association


A Brief History

The LA-MS Christmas Tree Association was officially organized by a group of 17 growers in December, 1976. An Executive Secretary position and business office were established in 1981 to respond to members needs and business affairs of the Association. Guidance for the Association is derived from elected officers, including a National Director, a board of directors (6 directors from each state), and an appointed director from Mississippi State University and Louisiana State University.


Member Services

The Association sponsors for its members two meetings per year. In the Spring, a continuing education WORKSHOP covers the latest in cultural practices. The Workshop is particular informative for new growers. An ANNUAL CONVENTION is held in September providing growers with indoor technical sessions as well as outdoor demonstrations and exhibits. Topics often include legal and tax advice, marketing tips, production and much more.

A CHRISTMAS TREE CONTEST at the annual convention promotes the production of quality trees. Winners from each state receive cash prizes and the honor of displaying a tree in their respective Governor's Mansion.

LA-MS CTA members receive the quarterly magazine CHRISTMAS TREES. It has been named "The World's Leading Christmas Tree Magazine" for its wealth of information from tree care to business and taxes. NEWSLETTERS from the association business office also provide members with information concerning the various issues of our local and national industry.

MARKETING ASSISTANCE is provided as we publish and distribute to the media a list of members who have choose & harvest farms, retail lots, and those who have wholesale trees available.


Cooperative Learning

As members of the Louisiana-Mississippi Christmas Tree Association, we come together for our MUTUAL BENEFIT. We SHARE common problems and solve them through the exchange of experiences.

We WORK COOPERATIVELY with state agencies and law makers to ensure our government deals with the Christmas tree industry fairly. However, the strength of our organization depends upon ALL associates of the industry banding together, acting as one.

JOIN our Association today and let YOUR VOICE be heard while sharing your knowledge with other growers. Receive the advantage of being regularly involved with an association whose PRIMARY PURPOSE is to strengthen the Christmas tree industry in Louisiana and Mississippi. Also, enjoy access to university and industry researchers and professionals.


Selection and Care of a Real Christmas Tree

Decide where you want to display your tree before selecting it. If the tree will be displayed in a corner where only one or two sides will show, you may be able to select a tree that is not perfectly shaped on all sides. If the room has a low ceiling or is small, don't select a tall tree you will have to trim or a big tree that will overpower the room. Select the type and size of tree that fits the room and pleases you.

To be assured that your tree will stay as fresh and safe as when you bought it, follow the care and safety tips listed below:

  1. Saw off the butt end of your tree 1/2 inch above the original cut and immediately place the tree in water in a cool place until you are ready to display it.
  2. Never let your tree run out of water; check it daily, as your tree absorbs water readily after cutting. If you let the tree run out of water, re-cut the butt end of your tree as above.
  3. Mist the branches and foliage with water daily to keep them moist and fresh.
  4. Be sure the tree is well supported and is away from fireplaces, radiators, television sets, or other sources of heat that will dry out your tree.
  5. Lighted candles or other open flames should never be used on or about Christmas trees.
  6. Check electric lights and connections. Worn, frayed wires or electric cords must not be used.
  7. Avoid use of combustible decorations and flammable reflectors for colored lights. Keep metal foil icicles or tinsel away from bulb sockets.
  8. Avoid accumulating wrapping paper and electrical toys under trees.
  9. Unplug electric lights when no one is home.
  10. Dispose of your tree properly; consider making a bird feeder with suet, peanut butter, and seeds.

If you follow the tips for selecting and caring for your Real tree, you will have a beautiful healthy tree that will last and be safe throughout the holiday season.

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